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OLS - final week

It's the last week of the Eat Local Challenge, and we did the best we could...considering we're now homeless. Yes, that is correct, we no longer have a place to live (Aaron's family: if you're reading this, please don't freak out). Our lease on our apartment ended yesterday, and to make a long story short we have been unable to find a new flat. So even though we are currently living in a hostel, with all our possessions piled in Aaron's cubicle at work, and we are frantically trying to find a new apartment, we decided to do a full day's worth of local meals today. Might as well end the Challenge with a bang.

For breakfast we sauntered down the street to the farmers market.

Aaron had mostly-local porridge (oatmeal) with almonds and pears, and a bottle of local apple-elderflower juice.

I muched on a brioche roll and had a bottle of fizzy local raspberry juice.

While we were at the farmers market we picked up some provisions for a picnic lunch.

After looking at another flat (that somebody else had put an offer on before we got there -- why does this keep happening to us?!) we wandered over to this nearby park to have our picnic.

The picnic consisted of soft pretzels and a garlic-herb soft cheese spread, a cucumber, goats cheese rolled in oats, and tiny plums and pears.

For dinner we have reservations at a restaurant called Urban Angel. Their motto is "local, organic, free-range, fair trade". They have amazing food and it's easy to get a mostly-local meal.

If we can eat locally for 3 meals a day while homeless it really can't be out of most people's reach. Think good thoughts for us while we try to find a place to live, and keep eating locally!


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